The philosophy of Pause is simple,

to perform in a world that’s speeding up,

 sometimes you need to slow down.

What is Pause?

Pause is a global retreats and coaching company.  

We specialise in giving busy leaders the one thing money can’t buy and HR can’t provide – time.

Pause is a method of human transformation based on the best-selling book by Danielle North who has over 15 years experience coaching leaders in more than 20 different countries.

The philosophy of Pause is simple, to perform in a world that’s speeding up, sometimes you need to slow down.

Why Pause?

Leaders tell us they need time and space to think deeply and see the bigger picture. To be still enough to hear their intuition and let the answers come to them. To remember why they do the things they do, and reconnect to a deeper meaning in their work beyond achievements and results. To nourish and nurture themselves so they are in a great position to have the energy to care for the performance of those they lead.

Leaders who Pause have greater insights, sharper instincts and the ability to play a long term game – win or lose.

“Pause aids profound inner transformation.”

When to Pause?

A pause is that pivotal moment when you create your next big idea. Your next brave move. Your next level of success. We guide leaders and teams through these times so that you can pause. For performance.


You’re a high-performing leader, yet it’s not enough to satisfy your deeper calling. You know that it’s going to have to be an inside job.


You’re facing a decision that will significantly impact your business. You need to step back and see the bigger picture.


It’s time to prepare for change, a new role, a career shift, a different step and you want to move forwards with clarity and intent.


Life has thrown you a curveball – ill health, bereavement, divorce – forcing you to take stock and reassess what really matters.


On the outside you’re fine, inside you’re drowning. Your body is saying it’s time to slow down. You want to stop it before it goes too far.

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